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Presentation Ender – The Turn-Based Business Presentation Timer

presenderPresentation Ender is a perfect tool for business networking groups or any other turn-based presentation setting. The large countdown is easy to see from across a room. Resetting the timer for the next person is easy to do without looking at the screen, making it much easier for the person managing the timer.


  • Tap Anywhere to Reset Timer (No need to look at the screen to find a reset button)
  • Easy Timer Management
  • Up to 6 Timers Can be Saved for Quick One-Tap Use
  • 8 Different Timer Ending Sounds to Choose From
  • Screen Changes to Red as the Timer Gets Close to the End

Presentation Ender for Android  Presentation Ender for iPad / iPhone

Offline Campaign Tracking

Online advertising has a growing appeal among local businesses, due in a large part to the ability to track the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can easily see exactly how well each ad is working at bringing people to your website and ultimately converting those people to customers. The offline campaign tracking service I developed makes it easy to have the same effectiveness tracking data with your traditional marketing campaigns as well! Find out more about this crucial tool at

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BNI Networking Tools

I have created several apps to help my fellow BNI members be more effective and make their lives easier. Including Mobile Friendly BNI Connect and a contact packaging tool.

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