Internet Brand Management

The old adage that “bad news travels fast” is doubly true online. Not only that, if it is about your business, the effects to your bottom line can be crippling. With the growing use of social media and always connected consumers, any negative consumer experience can quickly turn into a devastating public image wildfire. More often than not, a bad review of a company will show up in search engines above the listing for the business’s official website, causing untold harm to the corporate brand. Your online company brand is a delicate thing, and must be carefully monitored and nurtured on an ongoing basis.

Over the past 8 years, I have been deeply involved in the online brand management of my own online companies, as well as those of numerous client businesses in many different market sectors. In that time, I have learned, often through hard fought battles, how to properly deal with online public relations issues, put out the fires, and rebuild a corporate brand. I have also become skilled in managing the online presence of a business to limit or prevent such issues from occurring to begin with.

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